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Welcome to Waves of Music

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My name is Irene, I have been teaching for 10 years. All music lessons are taught in my private studio. I teach to suit the individual needs and goals of each student.


This allows the student to progress at their own pace which helps with understanding, learning, musical techniques and confidence.


Quality music lessons are offered to all students young and mature. I offer lessons in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Singing and Theory.


Classical, Modern and Contemporary Styles are taught.


Music lessons are offered for leisure, also for exam preparation. I offer  St Cecilia School of Music, AMEB and ANZCA examination boards syllabus.


Performances are also encouraged with an annual concert for students to help gain more confidence and assist with exam preparation.


My studio is based in Bacchus Marsh/Maddingley.


Waves of Music services the local community and surrounding areas.


Waves of Music became established in February 2010.


I have a strong family influence and background of musicians, who were in bands, orchestras and choirs in Europe. I have been teaching for approx 10 years. However, due to family commitments and illness I was unable to devote my time fully to my music. Overall I have been studying on and off over 48 years, in which I have gained my music knowledge and experience.

I do enjoy sharing my life long passion and love of music with my students and community alike, which I do through my teaching


I currently hold a Diploma of Music, also currently completing Certificate and Associate Diploma of teaching together with minor studies in special education for children with special needs

I also teach at schools

Also completed are methods of Alexander Technique for musicians and Classical Singing course with Melbourne University


A member of the VMTA (Victorian Music Teachers Association) and AMTR (Australian Music Teachers Register).


A member of the FOTOPS which is the Friends of the Team of Pianists with whom I perform.

The founders of the Team of Pianists are Professor Max Cooke, Darryl Coote and Robert Chamberlain who teach at Melbourne University and Monash University.

I am very focused on teaching theory with practical music lessons which gives a great foundation to the students music study 

My students achieve great results and are always excited about their lessons, and happy with what they learn.

Friends of theTeam of Pianists group